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Bouillon Bilk  ~  Farm to table cuisine
Île flottante  ~  Vegetarian tasting menu
Monarque  ~  French cuisine
Vin mon Lapin  ~ Natural wine and farm to table cuisine
Jun I  ~  Japanese restaurant
  ~  French-american cuisine and cocktails
Okeya Kyujiro  ~  Omesake (to try)
Vin Papillon  ~ Natural wine and farm to table cuisine
 (to try)

Joe Beef  ~  Seafood and steak (to try)

Cocktail or wine
Atwater cocktail club ~ Cocktails
Coldroom  ~ Speakeasy
Bar Marcus  ~ Cocktails 
Vin Vin Vin  ~  Wine bar
Bar Bara  Wine bar

Museum of Fine Art
Les Grands Ballets Canadiens
Bota Bota Spa
Botanical garden
Wiggle room
Diese Onze Jazz bar

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